The third ADAC Racing Weekend 2023 took place at the Nürburgring on July 1/2 in partly rainy weather. Marcel Marchewicz and Colin Caresani (Mercedes-AMG GT3) triumphed in the GT60 powered by Pirelli, the endurance format of the GTC Race. In the two GT Sprints, Julian Hanses (Audi R8 LMS GT3) and Caresani both crossed the finish line first..

In the GT60 powered by Pirelli, Colin Caresani, Sandro Holzem (BMW M4 GT3) and Reinhard Kofler (KTM X-Bow GTX) fought for the lead at the beginning, which Caresani snatched. Even after all the driver changes had been completed, the Mercedes-AMG GT3, now driven by Marcel Marchewicz, was still in the lead, which did not change crossing the finish line. The decision for second place was only made on the last lap when chaser Peter Terting, who formed a duo with Carrie Schreiner (both Audi R8 LMS GT3), took advantage of a mistake by Julian Hanses and took over second position.

In the second GT Sprint, Caresani, who was waved off first, only took part in the race with reservations after he was disqualified in qualifying and appealed. According to the regulations, the Dutchman will not be classified as race winner until further notice and the following drivers did not move up in the classification. Holzem and Terting were listed in second and third place.