The weekend of 8-10 October at the Norisring, proved to be somewhat of a challenge. With Colin Caresani back in the Pagid BMW M2 Cup for the second time after a successful debut at the Red Bull Ring, the pressure was on.

Qualifications however, were not good. With start grids of P10 for race 1 and P9 for race 2, some serious data analyses were necessary.

During race 1 Colin seemed to have found the joy of driving again and the car was back to pace. The team excelled with the brakes and tyres setup. All of which resulted in a P3 after a spectacular take over around the outside in the end phase of the race. Unfortunately Colin got a penalty for a small contact, putting him back to P4 with Theo Oeverhaus (P1), Maxime Oosten (P2) and Nick Hancke (P3) before him. Louis Henkefend gathered enough points to become Champion of the BMW M2 Cup.

Race 2 on Sunday was less spectacular for Caresani. The fight between Oeverhaus and Oosten was exciting enough. Colin showed a solid race where overtaking Nick Hancke was the biggest challenge. Ultimately he drove from P9 to again P4. The race ended with a podium for Theo Oeverhaus (P1), Maxime Oosten (P2) and Salman Owega (P3).

Overall Caresani was not too unhappy: “This weekend my goal was to challenge the win. I really wanted that and was confident. Misjudgments from me in the qualifying prevented us from that. But starting P10 and driving back to P3 on a street course was amazing.”.

All and all a worthy conclusion to the BMW M2 Cup season.

You can watch the races on YouTube: